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Vallous International is dedicated to keeping your enterprise network ecosystem operating at its best capacity by offering effective and sustainable solutions targeted at improving your infrastructure resiliency and ensuring business continuity.

Ensuring Business Continuity In A Sustainable Way

We believe sustainability, efficiency and connectivity are key growth drivers in today’s economy.

We are hyper-focused on providing connectivity solutions that harness limited resources while giving maximum performance returns. We understand that simply being ‘connected’ today, is meaningless without taking a dynamic approach.

Converging the right tools and methodology, we strive to propel your business further.

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Our Approach

Commitment to Adopting Industry Best Practices and Standards
Trusted Partner in Digitisation and Future Proofing Your Infrastructure
Your Growth, Our Dedication

Our Solutions

We blend a powerful combination of strong IT engineering capabilities with data centre infrastructure solutions which energy efficient, sustainable and robust against today’s volatile IT landscape.

On-premise Infrastructure
Energy Efficiency Site Assessment
Infrastructure Digitisation
Cloud Adoption

We Are Vallous

Reliable · Digital · Sustainable Experts in Connectivity Solutions Strong IT Capabilities Your Growth, Our Dedication Customer-Centric Philosophy

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Not Sure How Your Data Centre Is Performing?

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  2. Performance indicators based on industry standards and practices
  3. Preliminary investigations report on potential problems
  4. Recommendation for improvements on operational capabilities and performance of data centre

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