On-premise Infrastructure

On-Premise Infrastructure: Empowering Your IT Bedrock

Hosting your organization’s services on your On-Premise Infrastructure enables you to have greater ease of control and wider scope of customisation for your needs. It can also provide better security as your data will be entirely self-managed and not shared with third party hosting providers. However, this is only true if your in-house facilities management and security policies are robust enough to address the challenges of today’s digital ecosystem. That is why, our team of IT and Infrastructure professionals at Vallous are dedicated to keeping your enterprise network ecosystem operating at its best capacity, so your business becomes a beneficiary and not a victim of the digital ecosystem.

Scope Of On-Premise Infrastructure Services

Data Centre Infrastructure

  • Data Centre Design
  • Turnkey Solution
  • Critical Power and Cooling Infrastructure
  • Data Centre Infrastructure Management Software
  • IT Racks and Rack Power Solution

Maintenance Support

  • Comprehensive Service Maintenance Plans
  • 24×7 Onsite Response
  • Scheduled Preventive Maintenance Visits
  • Back-to-back Support with Manufacturer
IT Network & Storage

  • Design and Implementation of Backup Solutions, Virtualisation, Storage Solutions, Application Load Balancers
  • Unified Network and Application Performance Monitoring
  • Infrastructure and Hardware Refresh

Internet Connectivity

  • Premium Bandwidth Connectivity with Secured and Managed IP Backbone
  • Provides Primary or Secondary Connectivity to Major Asian Destinations
  • IP Transits Service

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